My Reaction To Falynn’s Interview

100% Full Interview Of Her Side Of The Story

Good Morning, Good Night, Good Afternoon To Everyone Around The World πŸ™πŸΎ

Today’s blog is about my reaction and opinion of the interview because I have the freedom and right to speak my mind. But anyways…..LETS BEGIN!!!

First of, she did the right thing to put her side of the story to explain everything and to clear the air. She is a strong Queen keeping it together with real class and positively. Especially when she is a mother to three handsome boys. Secondly, I feel for her because she still loves him because she tried to be the queen and wife to him but obviously he didn’t care at all. Like after the whole engagement came out, her soon to be ex husband started posting up receipts claiming it’s proof of her cheating which is just BS in my eyes. The reason why is because on the video it shows two people walking apart from each other and text message of him texting the “alleged guy” shows him asking was his wife was with him doesn’t prove nothing at all. To be honest, she deserves sooo much better because he too old to be acting a child when trying to destroy someone’s life and reputation with fake receipts and spreading lies about a pregnancy that hasn’t been confirmed by her at all. However, she is a very strong Queen and I pray that she continues being strong and she will have positively coming her way. #InJesusName #Amen πŸ™πŸΎ

It is strange how her ex got engaged to her so call friend when the divorce ain’t even finalize yet because I believe he was secretly seeing her ex friend at the beginning of the divorce but kept it on the down low like a snake that hides under the stone. Because it makes me sick to the stomach that we have certain guys in this world who would secretly cheat on a good woman by using her as a babysitter and controlling her every move like a predator watching it’s prey and pick the right time to catch it. As a woman, I felt like he got engaged too quickly when the divorce ain’t even finalize and the way he was behaving on social media with fake receipts and talking down on her was disgusting and disgrace. I feel more sorry for Falynn because she thought the man she married was loving and caring but instead he turns out to be a monster. Yeah he may spoil her with gifts to keep her sweet but like every marriage there was already issues. They actually went to couples counseling and he admitted that he would cheat and never get caught 😐. He push her to be on the real housewives of Atlanta show like a control freak when she didn’t want to

Overall, I believe her side of the story because as a woman, I felt like she was used just for frame, babysitter and someone he could control like a pet who listens to his master. I am happily to say that she has God to open a new chapter in her life with positively coming her way because she deserves to be treated as a queen and a expensive diamond πŸ’Ž. She is a real class act queen who is focusing on positively and healing πŸ™πŸΎ. She has a brighter and better future ahead of her and I pray that she remains enjoying her life as a queen and continues inspiring alot of women all over the world.

For that, I am proud of studying and learning from the true black queens who bring positively to teach us black women to love ourselves and always remember that “KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WORTH”. Because every woman is beautiful with goals and dreams. We can all inspire people around us with real life situations and solutions. KEEP IT 100% REAL.


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πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ I’m Fighter πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

Hello EveryoneπŸ‘‹πŸΎ

My new blog is about me beating precancerous cells ass because I feel like I need to share my story to bring comfort for women and young girls who have to do a smear test from the age of 25.

My journey started December 2020 during lockdown due to covid 19. I did my second smear test because normally you will have to do smear testing every three years. I got my results in January and it came back as Positive for precancerous cells which I was referred to go hospital for more testing. In February, I did another smear testing but it was different because they use alot of chemical solutions to determine what grade I was.

Days later, I get a phone call and letter saying I have CIN2 High Grade Abnormal Precancerous Cells growing in my cervix. So I had to booked an appointment to get them remove and get treatment for it. So before I had the procedure, I got my body and mind ready by doing alot of mediation and yoga. To help relax myself and remain calm during the procedure. On Friday 30th April at 9am, I had two nurses and doctor doing the procedure. Whilst they were doing it to remove the abnormal precancerous cells and treatment, they were making sure I was calm by talking to me on what they are doing and getting to know me because they knew I was scared and afraid. 30 Minutes later, the procedure was done and I felt so light as a feather. Even the doctor and the two nurses said I was their best and calm patient they ever had because I was in a relax, mediation mood in my head by closing my eyes. After I had to follow doctor’s advice on “no baths, no sex, no swimming and no tampons” for the whole of May. Why you ask because it takes time for the cervix to be healed and recover. Plus they had to do more testing and etc.

During the recovery, I had several bad headaches and bad cramping because I was on my period. So I had to take iron tablets to gain strength. Also, during recovery I had to do low impact workouts to not put too much pressure on my cervix but I was still burning out.

On Wednesday 2nd June, I received a call from my surgery saying the procedure went excellent and the results came back “NORMAL” with no sigh of cancerous cells. Which means I beat Precancerous Cells ass because of February and April treatment. Also, I received healing from God by pushing myself to make sacrifices to help me stay positive. I got a smear test coming up on 16th June hopefully it stays normal with no sign of cancerous cells. I have to do every six months smear test to make sure I am stay cancerous free. And I have a letter to prove that I am precancerous free and abnormal precancerous cells has been removed!! πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ€ΈπŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ₯³πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

I thank God for giving me strength to stay strong and positive by being healthy. Also I had a good support system of family and friends being there for me to make sure I remain strong and courageous.


The reason why I say this because my precancerous cells were developed because the last guy I slept with gave me STI and I didn’t know he slept with multiple girls. Nowhere days, we have certain guys who have sex with multiple girls without using protection and they are the ones who don’t clean themselves properly and are spreading STI and STD around to sooo many women. So Therefore, get yourself sexual health check after and before because it could affect your future if you don’t look after your sexual health.

Also, if you just turn 25, please do a smear test, don’t put it off because cervical cancer is very serious and could affect your future if you don’t do it. Plus it is to make sure the precancerous cells don’t change to the HIGH GRADE CANCEROUS CELLS GOD FORBID πŸ™πŸΎπŸ€²πŸΎ. Because my first smear test when I was 25 came back normal but the second one came back positive because of STI I received was developing into precancerous cells which could of turn cancerous if I didn’t do the treatment.

So ladies, when you do the smear test, remain calm and relax because you are in safe hands and God is with you to heal you. Also, be careful who you have sex with because not alot of guys get themselves check nor clean their penis properly. That’s why I’m proud to be a single, strong and courageous Queen focusing on the most important things in my life like my career, my family, friends and being a true inspirational person who shares the truths of my life and sharing my testimonies to help others who needs it. Plus I don’t need to destroy nor degree my body to anyone who can’t respect me as a human being who has feelings and emotions. I am happy to look after my body, mind and soul so God can be bless with me for treating my body as a temple and staying pure clean until the right guy who knows how to treat a woman as a human being and Queen instead of booty call for sex.

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Love you all and God bless you πŸ’–πŸ€²πŸΎ

My Testimony – Part 3

Heyyy Guys

I’m Back With A BANG!! I’ve been very busy focusing on my health and I got good news to tell ya.

First: My Blood and Iron Levels Have Been Healed Thanks To The Help Of NHS, Family and Friends Who Advice Me On How To Improve It.

Second: I’m 28 and Started A Fitness Journey To Improve My Health Even More By Joining Women’s Best. Because Women’s Best Helps Women To Build Confidence, Improve Health and Etc. Since Using Their Products, I Feel Amazing.

Thirdly: I got abnormal cells remove from my cervix because I was at high grade CIN2 Which Could Be Serious If Not Treated. I Thank The Doctor and Three Nurses At My Last Appointment Who Keep Me Soooo Calm and Relax.

My Last Year Lockdown Experience Was Really Calm, Focus and Reality. Because it has showed me people’s true colours to me so I had to cut off certain fakes and fraud people out of my life for good. I stayed focus and positive by doing workouts and staying positive. And making sure I stayed calm and relax for my two autistic siblings who did very well by staying home and doing fun activities at home with our parents. I stayed in touch with my friends through social media and watching zoom and live entertainment.

Yes, I’m still single but it doesn’t matter when my health and wellbeing is my number one priority. My advice to everyone is: “TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL”. The reason why I say that is because we should all have a full body check when taking care of our organs and body. Also, we should surround ourselves with people who actually care about us and that can bring positive into our lives. It’s good to have a good soul by mediation which I do everyday after yoga to get rid of all the negative around me including my mind.

Next Chapter Coming Soon
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Unapologetically Black Queen

“My Blackness is just too much for some people to handle. I’m a Confident, Intelligent, Beautiful and Powerful Black Woman with greatness inside my DNA. I won’t apologize for being exquisite!”

“Black Barbie? Nah….. I’m an Unapologetic Exquisite Black Queen who’s intelligent, creative, conrageous, confident, ambitious and authentic. My beauty is just a bonus!”

– Stephanie Lahart

I am Proud Unapologetically Black Queen and I Stand With My Kings and Queens πŸ–€ πŸ‘‘

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackQueen #UnapologeticallyBlack

My Testimony – Part 2

Nubian Queen πŸ‘‘ πŸ–€

Heyy Everyone

It’s been ages I written my last blog. Where I have been you may ask πŸ€”.

I been very busy focusing on living life to the fullest, healing and learning something new in life.

Now I’m 27 years old. Single but I’m not bothered because I’m focusing on doing me and living my best life. I’m a Promoter now like I promote music, events and businesses. I am still in training of being a Children’s Nurse. Also, I work at Winter Wonderland during the Christmas holidays.

For the last years since my last blog, I learned so much about life especially when it comes to health, personal life and friends. Like I had to cut off the negative people who was just talking negative about other people behind their back, fake friends and negative rubbish. Because I learned that I don’t need that negative mood around me.

Now, the update is I’m starting a Herbalife Journey. Starting to do two online courses in July. Just basically focusing on being positive so I can shine bright as a queen πŸ‘‘ πŸ–€

I’m still training myself to be a queen to a king because love is patient, love is kind. As I am blossoming into a black beautiful queen πŸ‘‘, I am going continue doing me and achieving my goals.

But also, last year I lost my aunt to cancer but I know she is in paradise heaven with God and she is watching me from above πŸ™πŸΎ

Soon I will be writing another blog of my lockdown experience and black lives matter very soon.

Thank you for reading πŸ™πŸΎπŸ“–


What is Asthma?

Asthma is a long-term condition that can have a huge affect on your airways – which is the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs. But it tends to run in families, especially having history of allergies or smoking.

How does asthma affect the Airways?

When a person with asthma comes into contact with something that trigger the body to react in three ways. Which they are:

The muscles around the walls of the Airways tighten so that the Airways become narrower.

– The lining of the Airways becomes inflamed and start to swell.

– Sticky mucus or phlegm sometimes builds up to narrow the Airways even more.

What are the symptoms of asthma attack?

To see/notice the signs of someone having an asthma attack are:

– Shortness of breath

– Tightness in chest

– Severe Wheezing (Which sounds like a whistler)

– Blue lips and/or fingernails

– Spasmodic cough

– Pale and Sweaty face

– Chocking sensation

This can be caused by Pollution, Anger, Stress, Dust, Exercise, Chemical Fumes, Pollen, Smoke, Cold Weather and Pets.


Currently there is no cure for asthma but they are still researching to help those like me who suffer with asthma.

However, there are ways to prevent you from having an asthma attack. They are:

– Inhalers: Reliever which relieve the symptoms within minutes and Preventer which contains steroids to help control your breathing.

– Do deep breathing exercises.

– Injections.

– Eating healthy: Ginger, Banana, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Broccoli.

– Changing your lifestyle.

Here is my story

I am Alysha from East London and I suffer with asthma since I was 12 years old. But doctors did warn my parents that I will have asthma later in life because I was already suffering from a skin condition called Eczema since 7 months old.

Since I was diagnosed with Asthma, I have been in and out of A&E but the worse time I was admitted to hospital was October 2011 where my face was all blue, having chest pains and coughing a lot that my mum had to contact 911 to come to help me control my breathing.

Now I am 25, my asthma seem to come and go because of weather changing and my allergies to fish, eggs and nuts. I even had to change my diet as well to improve my asthma by eating healthy and having smoothes that are mixed with fruit and vegetables with either water or fruit juice. I am doing more deep breathing and trying to do more exercise to help me lose weight so I don’t have a lot of fat in my body that may bring harm to me and my organs. Also, I’m seeking God’s help to heal me so I can receive inner healing of peace and harmony so I can remain calm and relax as I am still trying not to be stress.

Therefore, having asthma isn’t a joke at all because a lot of people have died of having asthma attack. It is a serious condition that can change your life forever unless you improve your lifestyle and health. There is no need to bully someone with that condition when you can be a supporter to help them if you see/notice someone having an attack.

However, if you do see/notice someone having an asthma attack:

– Try helping them to be relaxed.

Get them to drink water only (NO OTHER DRINK)


Help them take two blows of the Blue Reliever pump as it contains steroids to help control the breathing.

If nothing is improving in half an hour, call 911 while waiting, get them to be calm.

So therefore, please take serious care of yourself and your loved ones that have asthma.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

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Spread the word out.

God bless you xxx

Social Media Addiction!!


Hello Everyone!!

Today’s Blog is about “Social Media Addiction”.
Because everyday I see people on there being fake, bullying, false advertisements, posting everyday of their life and etc.
Nowhere days, people are getting too addicted to social media like it is a drug.
To Be Honest, I used to be addicted to Facebook, piczo, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo and tagged like I would go on it every single day of my life and not able to be real.
I felt like a prisoner on social media because I felt like I need to be fake so people can like me.
I even pretended to be someone on social media to bully my enemies.
But now, I used less of social media now because I realised that we lived in a “Real World” and I rather spend my eternal life building an relationship with God, Family and Friends, reaching my goals and being inspiration young woman to my young girls.
Nowhere days, people used social media to bully people like on Facebook & Twitter because they believe they are brave to trash talk behind screen. Honestly, they are just little kids who pretend to be something that they are not.
Like, some people are so addicted to Facebook, they need to post their everyday life on the new “Facebook LIVE“.
Half of the world like celebrities, use Twitter everyday of their life by attacking other celebrities.
A little percentage of people used it for false advertisements.
In the beginning, people communicate with letters and talking like they didn’t have social media around them times.
When Jesus was alive, he communicate with people by going to town to town spending the word of God and healing people.
And his disciples follow his footsteps to spend the word of God and teaching people how to live life the right way.
My advice is:
– Don’t expose your everyday life on Social Media because people can used it as a weapon & report you to your pastor/priest.
– Limit your time on social media by doing other things like looking for a job, spending time studying and etc.
– Don’t bully people on Social Media because the issue won’t be solved and it could get worse but sort it out like real people and face it out.
– Don’t become addicted.
At the end of the day, you have better things to do to reach your goals like becoming a footballer, achieving your GCSE & etc.
Don’t let social media make you a prison of your life because it can control you mentally and emotionally.
I had to learn it the hard way but now I am spending less time on social media & more time exercising, shopping, writing blogs, writing books, spending time with family, looking for job and building a blessed relationship with God.
That’s why I am writing these blogs to help young people and adults to lived life in a positive life.
I hope you think really hard about your without social media and focus on reaching your goals.
#InJesusName #Amen #GodBlessYouAlways

My Eczema Testimony


Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Ciao! Ola! Selam Everyone!
This blog I’m writing about is “My Story of Eczema”.
Basically, I’m a long-term eczema survivor who was diagnosed with a skin condition called eczema since I was 7 months old.
Throughout my life, I was bullied because of my skin condition and my skin colour because the type of Eczema I have makes my skin colour from milk chocolate to dark chocolate.
As you can see the difference between my skin colour over my early 20s.
Like it gets better but then gets worse and my solution was itching with my nails which gave me scars and cause my skin to bleed.
Like last year, I just started using a cream called “QV Cream” which helped my skin to moisture.
Over the years, I overcame insecure because before I came to God, I wasn’t really loving myself and taking care of my skin.
Like I would find love from guys who didn’t really care about me but used me as a sexual tool to pressure because I was uncomfortable in my own skin.
Ever since the start of 2016, I have started to come out my shell and learn to love myself as Miss Caribbean Nubian Princess.
Because I had the help from my friends and family to encourage me to love myself and take care of Eczema to be healed.
Now I’m sharing my story with the world so young children and adults don’t have to be ashamed because they have eczema.
Nowhere days, we have people who bully people who have eczema which cause alot of people having suicide thoughts and committing suicide.
Yes I did have suicide thoughts because people pretended to be my friend, people bullied me of my skin condition and I felt that I wasn’t that beautiful enough to be attractive.
But you know what, I love myself as an Natural Beauty Princess because I don’t need to ruin my skin with make-up and make myself be something I’m not.
All I have to do be attractive is to be Natural, Smart and Be Real because now I’m single, I can focus on loving myself by taking care of my skin so it can be healed by God’s Grace.
Having eczema:
– Doesn’t stop you from reaching your goals.
– Doesn’t stop you from finding love.
– Doesn’t stop you from loving yourself.
– Doesn’t make you look/feel ugly.
Basically, having eczema helps you build up your confidence and your self-esteem.
Because I had low self-esteem and low confidence within myself which made me be scared of myself looking at myself in the mirror.
But now I realised that I can look at myself in the mirror and I am beautiful in God’s Eyes.
And I realised that I don’t need to enter into beauty pageants to prove to people how beautiful I am when I am already beautiful in God’s Eyes.
My advice is:
– Never be ashamed of telling people that you have eczema.
– Take care of your skin if you have eczema by moisturizing your skin when it goes dry.
– Love yourself as the most beautiful ruby.
– Don’t let eczema get in the way of reaching your goals.
– Don’t let bullies put you down.
– Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am not ugly! I am beautiful the way God created me as his precious ruby.”
Now, I love myself as God’s precious diamond and I take care of skin by loving myself.
I learn to share my story with others to help others to overcome their insecurities of having eczema.
I hope this blog helps!



Hello! Bonjour! Hola!
It’s been ages I written my last blog!
Today’s Blog is about #EveryoneLivesMatters.
Because everyone lives matters to the one person who made Adam & Eve. And his name is God.
Our lives matter to God because he is the one who protect us from harm and danger.
As a young adult, I can say my opinion and say everyone lives matters because I’m a caring person who thinks about everyone around the world. And I Pray for each and everyone from birth till old age to have a blessed life and etc.
Our souls matter to God as well because when we die, our souls would either belong to God or Devil.
I believe everyone lives matters all over the globe because everyday we hear sad news from other parts of the world like #Haiti Hurricane Matthew who killed so many adults and children. In UK, another young person is stabbed and is now deceased.
If I have to do an campaign to make the world lives matters then I would because I care about every single person around the globe.
I Pray for all the victims of #HurricaneMatthew to rebuild their country & lives. And I ask God To comfort them to give them encouragement and strength. And have faith in God.
I Pray for all the families who lost an loved one all over the globe to have comfort in the arms of the LORD.
I Pray for all the children around the world to have a great & better future ahead of them. So one day they can be future majors, pastors, teachers and etc. So I ask God to guide them on the right path of their goals.
I Pray for all the couples around the world to have a blessed marriage & relationship with God blessing them with Miracles & Blessings. And become a strong United Couple like Adam and Eve.
I Pray for all the singles around the world to stay kind and patient to find a partner to spend the rest of their lives together as one.
I Pray for the sick to be healed with the power of the all mighty God. Like Jesus Christ healed a blind man and young girl with his power.
I Pray for everyone around the world to have a blessed life.
#God continues blessings them with Wisdom, Protection, Guidance, Success, Miracles & Knowledge.



Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today’s blog is about Friendships.
What is Friendship?
Friendship is the emotions of conduct of friends when building an strong relationship with people.
Nowhere days, we have different types of friends we have in our circle of friends.
Here are examples of friends we have:
1.) Best Friend – A Best Friend is someone who you grew up since either nursery or school. Like you guys have a strong bond with each other and you give each other good advice & help.
2.) Show Off Friend – A Show Off Friend who loves showing off their new stuff they got which sometimes can cause tensions.
3.) Funny Friend – A Funny Friend is the one who is always clowning around and knows how to cheer up people when they are down or up.
4.) DareDevil Friend – A DareDevil Friend is someone who is brave and isn’t scared of anything at all. Especially if it’s a DARE e.g. eating worms.
5.) Loveable Friend – A Loveable Friend is someone who loves you as a sibling and shows you all the love.

However, we have certain people who used to be in our circle of friends but they did us wrong.
Here are the examples:
1.) Fake Friend – A Fake Friend is someone who pretends to be your friend but really they are actually stabbing you in the back.
2.) Careless Friend – A Careless Friend is when they don’t give a monkeys about you but got some nerve to pull on the fake tears at your funeral. (To be honest, they will only care when you die)
3.) Gossip Friend – Gossip Friend is when they love spreading gossip about people but sometimes they can be the one who start the rumours.
4.) Bad Friend – Bad Friend is someone who encourage you to do bad and sometimes cause you to break the law.

To Be Honest, I had to cut out people out of my circle of friendship because I am a lot alert now on the friends who I am a lot closer to and I treat them like my own siblings.
However, my best friend is God because he has been there for me since the day I was born. He has supported me when encouraging me to each my goals. He comforts me when I am feeling down.
My Friends I have in my life who have been giving me strength and been there for me through my ups and downs.
1.) Saki – She is my sister in faith who I treat her as my own little sister because she is adorable.
2.) Rochelle F – She has been my friend since Primary School days and we are still friends up to this day.
3.) Tricia – She like a big sister to me and she knows what is best for me because she is amazing.
4.) Abubakar – He my friend since Secondary school like we used to date but now we are just brother & sister in faith.
5.) Yanique – She is my friend & step cousin. She is my energy and funny friend but I treat her like my little sister.
6.) Jermaine S – He Is like an older brother to me and he looks out for me no matter what.
7.) Enoch – He Is my crazy and funny friend who loves being annoying but he is my little brother in faith.
I thank God for bring me wonderful people into my life.
I thank God for helping me cut away from the bad friends I had because they were fake to me, abusive, bad friends and they would actually spread lies and rumours about me. Especially when I have been a good friend to them but they just stabbed me in the back.
Like this certain person I used to be friends with like she will make up lies to cover her tracks, she would never make effort to come see me and be two-faced.
And I had enough of it because she will only contact me when she is bothered and couldn’t care less about me.
So I had to cut her out of my circle of friends because I am done with the drama and she is living in “Fake World”.

My advice is: Be Wise and Careful on choosing friendships with people and always remember God is your best friend. He will never leave you alone but always comfort you, be there for you, believes in you, helps you out through situations and loves you as his child.

#GodBlessYouAlways x